What’s Your Legacy

At the Alzheimer Society we want to create a world without dementia through research into the cause, treatment, care strategies and a cure.    Our challenge is to change the course of dementia – currently there is no cure, but there is hope.  And there is progress.
What would a world without dementia mean?
A world without dementia would have meant that my mother would have the pleasure of knowing her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  And my two uncles wouldn’t have been robbed of their retirement years.
For me it is personal.
Dementia is in my family.  I have children and grandchildren.  My legacy is tied to their future. I work at the Alzheimer Society because I believe that together we can change the future.

What would a world without dementia mean to you?  It is a powerful question that we posed to our supporters. Below are just a handful of their thoughts

  • It would reduce incredible stress that I live with every day. For my loved one, this very clever man with an exceptional memory and knowledge would not have to suffer.
  • My husband who is only 64 would have a better, richer, and longer life. We could grow old together.
  • It would mean that I would have my beautiful wife back again.
  • My mother could enjoy her hard-earned retirement.
  • My grandkids could know how wonderful my mother truly is – she would be such a mentor.

By doing your Will and including a legacy gift to the Alzheimer Society you can:

Your legacy gift to the Alzheimer Society could create a future that provides:

Why wait? You have the power to act! We can’t do it alone.